Contact information

Affiliation: College of William & Mary
Applied Science
Address: College of William & Mary
Integrated Science Center 0277
Williamsburg, VA, 23187
Phone: +1-757-221-3463
Fax: +1-757-221-2050

Fusion Energy

A short video about fusion energy here at The College of William and Mary.

Group Website

The group website is now online and you can find more information on openings and research projects on this website.


06.15.2017 It was great fun to be part of the SULI program yet again this year !!!
11.02.2016 Today I start as a member at large in the APS-DPP executive committee (thank you everybody for voting for me !!!) as well as in the Edge Coordinating Committee
08.16.2016 Started as an Assistant Professor in the Applied Science department at W&M and moved to the new ISC building
03.14.2016 Excited to go and see W-7X up close this week.
12.02.2015 After a few years of involvement as an expert with the ITPA T&C, I am now an official member.