Plasma Physics and Fusion Science at The College of William and Mary


Welcome to the website for the research group of Prof. Mordijck at The College of William and Mary. Our research concentrates on Plasma Physics and Fusion Science of magnetic confinement devices. You can find out more about the people in our group, current research topics and publications on this site. Research in plasma physics and fusion science is a collaborative effort and we are always interested in new collaborations and people to join our group.


I am currently looking for motivated Ph.D. and undergraduate students to join my group
Motivated students that are interested in plasma physics or fusion sciences and would like to work on theory and modeling of Tokamak experiments should send me an email or drop by my office in McGlothlin-Street Hall.


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05.01.2020 The last week of classes also means 3 of our lab members are graduating and moving on to graduate programs of their choices. Congratulations to Milan, Conor and Kiera.
10.22.2019 It has been a while and this website fell a little out of use. Today we celebrate that Kiera McKay won best undergraduate poster at the APS-DPP meeting
11.15.2016 Eric Meier's paper on SOLPS-ITER modeling of the scrape-off layer heat flux width is now published in PPCF, see publications.
07.05.2016 Eric Meier will be giving an invited talk at this year's APS DPP meeting in San Jose, CA.
06.12.2016 Xin Wang succesfully defended his Ph.D. and is moving on to new adventures.